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North Cascades

These Years

By On January 5, 2016

These years are full of many firsts and many lasts. Don’t waste your youth. Don’t waste your life. Don’t waste your breath on maybes and could-bes – do things with your whole… Read More


A Month in Paris

By On July 24, 2015

This summer was quiet hours in the Luxembourg Garden on Sunday mornings. I left the house early, a note on the kitchen counter. My roommates were still sleeping. Everyone was still sleeping.… Read More

The Happiness List

The Happiness List

By On May 6, 2015

Know what makes you happy. A lot of us wander through our days, randomly and vaguely trying to find happiness, meaning, motivation, and inspiration. Big concepts that are actually rooted in the… Read More

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Small Adventures

By On February 15, 2015

It’s the small adventures that count. We were feeling run-down, restless, and stressed. So we grabbed some cameras – film, DSLR, iPhones – and went outside. I never want to go outside until… Read More